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Why Playtime is Essential for a Child

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Playing allows children to develop their creativity while developing their cognitive ability, physical strength, communication, and social relations. Playing is very important for the brain development of a child. It is through playing children enjoys being a child, and develops friendship with other child.

On this challenging pandemic time where your children are away from their friends, is your chance to be more closer to your children! Believe me, when mom and dad play with their children, it brings more joy to everyone specially with your children. You will learn interesting things about your child, about their perspective on different topics and most importantly your children will gonna love you more!

When playing with them, make sure its gadget free! Spend a quality time with them. Playing doesn't have to be playing with your children's toys, you can be creative like doing arts and crafts, some cool science experiments in your kitchen, planting in your gardens, story telling, baking, or anything that you enjoyed doing so when you were a child. Remember to do activities within your household vicinity at this point of time. Share this happy childhood experience with your children. Remember all adults were once a child, and enjoyed playing activities too!

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